OUR NEW BARN: specialized for breeding and rehabilitation


Onsite LAB for:
Semen Evaluation
Foal IgGs Colostrum
Cultures &Cytology's
Sensitivities (advantage of weekends results).
Centrifuging for small volume lavage cultures and semen

Climate Controlled, padded stall with IV capability

2 climate controlled stalls: one padded with a lift system. Both with IV capability and separate entrances from outside

5 regular 14 x 16 stalls with private 1-2 acre pastures,

6' 2 x 4 no climb mesh fencing for stallions

View toward the Indoor turnout area

Indoor Turn Out/Work area for rehab cases or assessing lamenesses

Heated wash stall

Phantom for stallion collection Phantom for stallion collection
Foal Cage

3 stalls on site with foal cages

If the foal is at risk for Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (NIE) and can not nurse from the mare it can be separated without risk of rejection when it can nurse. (One is also climate controlled )


Mare and Foal stocks

Scales to get accurate weights on horses

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