Horse Retirement at Aurora Farms

I brought Magic to Aurora Farms for “turnout rehab.”  Being a show horse all his life, Magic did not understand that freedom in the field was fun!  The setup at the retirement barn at Aurora Farms allowed Magic to have a stall with direct access to a small pasture.  He was able to acclimate to living in a pasture full time on his own terms.  Now, he is retired at Aurora Farms, happily living with a buddy in one of the large retirement pastures.  Melody does an excellent job of providing top notch care to all of the horses on the farm and it makes me happy to know that Magic is happy and healthy! 

--Lesley Brown

I boarded my retired thoroughbred (ex-racer/ex-eventer), Slew, at Aurora Farms from January of 2012 to June of 2013.  I am a chemical engineer and relocated to Virginia, in June, for work, and I brought him with me.  However, he received such exceptional care at Melody’s I considered not taking him with me, even though the separation would have caused me significant heartache.  Melody knew how important it was for me to be with him that she assured me that she would be a resource to me at my new facility to ensure that he got the best care possible.  She always does what is in the best interest of the horse and cares for every horse as if it were her own.  Aurora Farms is the only place I would consider leaving my horse.  I have boarded at several places in the state of Kentucky and Melody is the only one I trust implicitly to ensure that my horse receives acceptable, quality care without my intervention.  She has the knowledge, the resources, and the facility to ensure the best care of the most “needy” of horses.  My horse thrived at her farm.  I know numerous people who have attempted to retire their thoroughbreds at other facilities unsuccessfully.  I am eternally grateful to Melody for helping Slew acclimate to retirement so that he can live a long, happy life, just being a horse.

--Lori Watson 2016

And in May of 2015 Lori has relocated to Illinois, and Slew is now a permanent resident at Aurora Farms. We are thrilled to have him back!!

Our retirement horses are special.  The typical scenario is this--they have given everything to us over the years.  We have ridden them, won and lost with them, and many times they have just been there for us.  Maybe they were our first horse or our child’s first horse.  And, maybe we even foaled them.  The connection is deep.  So, we want the very best for them in their retirement years.

And, you will find the very best at Aurora Farms with Melody Adler.  

I have three retirement horses with her.  Each horse is treated as an individual.  When they come in, she does a thorough assessment of their medical needs, feed requirements and personality.  She lets each horse acclimate to the their new home and  introduces them to their herd slowly.  For at least a month, maybe longer, one of mine was matched with one of her horses, until he settled in.  Then, along with his friend he was able to transition into the herd.  

The pastures are enormous and planted differently for different needs of the horses. For example,  I have a cushings horse, so he is in a pasture with non-rich grass.  The three sided shelters in the pastures are roomy and accommodating and fans automatically kick on, when it gets to 80 degrees.  

The cost is inclusive except for annual shots and any special medical needs.  Melody is very experienced and has a vigilant watch on every horse.  She notices everything.  So, often times she is able to take care of something before it becomes an issue, before the vet has to be called.   If there is a problem, Melody is on it immediately and you are informed.  

I have seen several horses come in who are in bad shape.  There has been some question as to whether they should be put down.  Time after time Melody has figured it out and the horses are healthy once again. 

No one cares more than Melody Adler.  She cares for each and every horse as if it was hers.  I recommend you go visit.  You will see happy, healthy horses regardless of age. 

And, you will see a state of the art facility which meets every possible need of your horse.   

---Coe London 2016

When I needed to retire my mare Eureka, I went on a journey that took me farther than I ever imagined. I saw many horse retirement facilities, but only one retirement "home." Melody gave me a tour and introduced me, by way of a short bio and medical history, to each and every one of her aging residents. I was struck not only by her knowledge and attention to detail, but by her obvious affection and concern for each animal. My mare was retired at Aurora farms for 5 years. She became a part of the family there and soon was more Melody´s than mine. I received pictures and updates regularly. When she needed something extra to keep her comfortable, Melody would call me and we would make the decision together. When, this summer we could no longer keep her comfortable, she helped me make that decision, too. This was doubly tough as Eureka had always retained her healthy weight, muscle and shiny coat thanks to Melody´s care. Melody made Eureka an evening meal of warm mash carrots and apples and the next morning Eureka was euthanized at her home with Melody next to her. I visited her grave recently over which Melody had placed a tree. Need I say more? with gratitude...

--- Mollie Vogt

My retired Grand Prix horse and I have never been happier! I am confident that he is experiencing the best care possible as evident in the photos of him I receive from Aurora Farm. I do not have a moment of worry about his well being. Thank you, Melody, for my peace of mind.

---Diane Maglaris (Apollo´s Mom)

From the first moment I toured Aurora Farms and met Melody, I knew this was the place for my nearly 30-year-old retired horse, Teddy. He had been battling several health problems, including severe founder, and was quite underweight when he came over three years ago. Melody placed him in one of her "rehabilitation" stalls with access to an outside run, scoured her resources to find the best treatment for him, and had him turned out with a couple of buddies within three months. Teddy´s latest x-rays show that his foundered foot is almost completely "derotated" and he continues to receive Melody´s careful attention to make sure any problems are caught early and treated appropriately. He and the other horses receive the best food, hay, supplements, farrier, and veterinary care available, and Melody or Craig check on every horse at least twice a day. No matter when I visit the farm, I am always impressed by their knowledge, professionalism, and high standards in caring for the horses. I couldn´t recommend Aurora Farms highly enough to anyone with a retired horse or one that needs rehabilitation.

---Karen Powell, Shelbyville, KY

Melody Adler was a life saver for me as my horse business shrank and foaling out my mares became more difficult for me. We raise a few thoroughbreds and quarter horses. Aurora Farm is close to me as well so it is a great choice for us. Melody´s care is wonderful. She pays attention to DETAILS and is up on all the newest and latest in horse care, nutrition, foaling, ailments of foals, and everything concerning each horse as an "individual". Her great skills in her lab is far greater than anything I ever had. She has a great relationships with her vets. My first foal born there became a Stakes winner and broke a track record in California. I knew he had a great start. I was nervous at first sending my mares out but soon "let go" of my worries and have complete support of Aurora Farms and Melody. Her dedication is unsupassed in my book.

---Valerie and Dave Blethen, Breeze Hill Farm.

My names is Tammy Jones and I have a small horse farm in Cecilia, KY. On April 13, 2011, my husband and I received the surprise of a lifetime - a foal from a mare that we were told by 2 local vets (after ultrasound) did not settle. I called my vet because the mare had not been given any prenatal care since we were told she was not in foal.

I was concerned about the mare having milk because I lost a filly four years ago due to the mare not having milk and the baby not getting the colostrum. The local vet gave the foal some seramune via tube and the foal colicked. He told me the baby would be ok.

However, I called Melody and she told me to bring the foal to her. We rushed the filly to her and she transported the baby to the NICU at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital. If I have waited, my baby would have died that night.

Thanks to the Beckmans and Melody's tender loving care, I now have a healthy two month old filly. We are calling this filly our "miracle baby".
This filly is very special to me because the stallion belonged to a good friend of mine who was killed in a freak riding accident 3 years ago. This was to be the stallion's last breeding as he is an older gentleman. My friend really wanted a foal from her stallion and my beautiful Paint mare. We had the miracle baby.
I cannot say enough about Melody's knowledge, concern, and the quality of care she provided to Satin (the mare) and Legacy. Without Melody, I would have lost my beloved foal. Thanks Melody and staff for a wonderful job! I would recommend Melody and her staff to anyone with horses for reproductive issues.
Thanks again.

---Tammy Jones


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