Our New Farm
  • Lighted field for cycling mares early.
  • Limited number of stalls means more personalized care for your horse.
  • Variety of pasture turnout for individual needs from easy keepers to Cushings horses.
  • We aren't a cookie cutter operation, we are flexible to the needs of each individual horse.
Our Lab
  • State of the Art On site Lab.
  • Semen Evaluation.
  • Foal IgGs.
  • Colostrum Evaluation.
  • Cultures and Cytology's.
  • Sensitivities on the cultures (advantage of weekends results).
Our Mare & Rehab Barn
  • 11 16'x16' stalls.
  • Center stall can open up to 16'x32' for rehab.
  • 9 perimeter stalls with attached 16'x32' covered turnout and private pasture.
  • Climate controlled padded stall with a lift system.
Our Stallion Barn
  • 5 16'x16' stalls with attached 16'x36' covered turnouts going into private 1-acre paddocks.
  • 6'2"x4 no climb mesh fencing for stallions.