Case 1:

  • Arrival status: Foundered Mare
  • The following case came to Aurora with sever founder. Now, this mare spends time completely barefoot (with good weather and footing conditions) or has special boots to wear when the ground is hard.
  • Current status: good quality of life!
  • A special thank you to Dr. Bras at Rood & Riddle, and Dr. Kerry Beckman of Gaslight Equine for aiding her in her recovery!

Case 2:

  • Arrival status: Post-colic surgery
  • Bachelor of Arts ("Stitch") arrived at Aurora following colic surgery. Monitoring and constant care of this Appendix quarter horse has progressed his recovery.
  • Current status: Stitch healed so well he was able to go home ahead of schedule!

Case 3:

  • Mack arrived with severe Rhabdomyolysis, his CK level was 122,000.
  • He was treated the first 48 hours with IV fluids running wide open, after 48 hours he started to show improvement
  • We were able to start him back slowly on feed, and he is now at college with his girl.

Case 4:

  • Eye case, horse was injured in the pasture, a bone over his eye socket was broken
  • A small fragment was removed and infection was treated.
  • He is 100% recovered.

Case 5:

  • Arrival status: Severe Laminitis
  • Teddy Bear Radiograph 1 is from a few weeks after Teddy first arrived here, August 2005
  • Teddy 07 is 2 years later
  • Teddy became one of our retirees. He died between close to 40 years old.

Case 6:

  • Arrival status: Septic foal
    "Legacy" on the road to recovery. She arrived the day she was born due to her owners quick thinking and good intuition. She was initially treated at Rood & Riddle for a day and a half, then here for 8 days, now she is home and is thriving

Case 7: Yatimah

  • Arrival status: Septic Orphan Foal "Yatimah"
  • Septicemia progressed to 3 joints in her legs prior to arrival at Aurora. Dr. Beckman lavaged the joints and we gave her  meds and fed her around the clock. She went home after 2 weeks of treatment at Aurora.

Case 8:Twisted Oliver 

  • Arrival status: Bowed tendon
  • Ollie came here September 2010 with a bowed tendon needing stall rest initially. There was just too much going on at the training farm and he had a hard time staying calm in his stall. The quiet environment here at Aurora Farms settled him right down. He was on stall rest just over 60 days, then started hand walking for 30 days, then light work, and finally ready to go back to his career.
  • He is back to Eventing, and with all of MacKenzie's hard work he is a star.


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