SERVICES - Rehabilitation & Layup

Aurora Farms specializes in recovery for surgical patients and long term care for all types of injuries. Please contact us to discuss your needs on a case by case basis.

Aurora will customize treatment to ensure the necessary steps to help a horse recover from injury or illness. We are capable of running bloodwork on site - including CBC, comprehensive panels, liver, and kidney values. As such, we can keep up with the progress of the patient, get results quickly (including weekend and holidays), and get the information to the attending veterinarian ASAP!

At Aurora, we pride ourselves in following vet instructions.

Specialized Facilities in Our Rehab Barn

  • One padded climate controlled stall with a lift system. with IV capability.
  • On site LAB.
  • Scales for weighing the horses regularly.
  • 2 stalls on site with foal cages.
  • Mare and Foal Stocks.